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Upgrading to ColdFusion 10 Presentation/Notes


I did a live presentation in which I upgraded a production ColdFusion 9 server to ColdFusion 10.  Here are my notes if anyone is interested.


Technical details for the upgrade…

Windows 2008 R2 web server running IIS 7.5
ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with two instances (default “cfusion” and “www”)

Upgraded to ColdFusion 10 Enterprise with two instances.



4 Replies to “Upgrading to ColdFusion 10 Presentation/Notes”

  1. Thaks for the CF10 migration tutorial.
    Yo write:
    In IIS, change the error handling to show detailed error messages.

    Could you advise on hot to do so? I could not find out.

  2. No Problem. Go to the IIS Manager. Click on the site name in the left column. Double-click Error Pages in the center column. Over in the right column click on Edit Feature Settings. Select Detailed Errors and click OK.

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