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How to Fix Mango Blog After 1.6 Update Breaks It

After applying the 1.6 update to Mango Blog, my blog immediately stopped working.  Even after modifying some code to get around the error, all extensions were broken.  The answer was out there in the Mango forum, but it took me a while to find it.  I thought I'd spread the word for other Mango users.

The problem's source is in the new settings table.  If you specified a table prefix when installing your blog, then the table name is '<prefix>setting', otherwise it is just 'setting'.

Look for three records in the database table…

  1. Where path = 'system/assets' change the value column to: {baseDirectory}assets/content/
  2. Where path = 'system/skins' change the value column to: {baseDirectory}skins/
  3. Where path = 'system/plugins' change the value column to: {baseDirectory}components/plugins/

When specifying the string {baseDirectory} enter it exactly as above.   You don't need to enter a physical or relative path.  {baseDirectory} is a variable built in.

You will need to restart ColdFusion (or Railo or Bluedragon) for the new settings to take effect.

Enjoy Mango, and be sure to post questions on the Mango forum at: http://www.mangoblog.org/forums


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