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Finally! Solid FTP in Eclipse

Aptana released the 1.0 version of their Eclipse Plug-in (now called Aptana Studio for Eclipse).  I've been rejecting Eclipse (CFEclipse) as a viable IDE largely due to the show-stopping lack of ability to create a file on a remote FTP site.  This release overcomes that severe limitation.  You can now right-click on any folder in an FTP site, and select 'New File'.  This is an enormous productivity boost for developers who need to work on remote files.  The previous methods of synchronizing entire projects was terrible.  I've got more evaluation to do before I can switch to CFECLIPSE, but this is a great sign.

 Create new file with Aptana 

It's time to give CFECLIPSE another shot… 

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  1. Ok, maybe it is not time. When you open a CFM or CFC file from the FTP list in Aptana, none of the line numbers show and the outline view doesn’t populate. I have the box for ‘Show Line Numbers’ checked in the preferences boxes for both cfeclipse and for Editors. However, the entire gutter where line numbers and expanding tags are does not show at all. So, its great to have FTP, but not being able to view line numbers or use outline view means that, once again, cfeclipse is useless for people who do remote development.

    I posted this issue on a couple of user support boards to see if anyone has any thoughts.

  2. I am not sure, but i noticed it to. On my laptop I cant get the line numbers to display. But here on my work machine I somehow did. I just cant seem to mimic whatever I did here on my work machine? ITs possible, theres just some tricky secret to it?

  3. Perhaps there is a difference in Eclipse versions between the two? Are you running Europa on your laptop? I opened a bug case with Aptana on this, so if you find anything post it here so I can let them know.

  4. Glad i stumbled upon this page.
    All i did with the regular FTP/webdav implementation was wasting time.
    FTP works like a charm with Aptana

  5. It seems you lose the funcionality of cfeclipse however even when in cfeclipse mode.

    I added the File window to my layout while still in CFECLIPSE and the Outline view no longer works 🙁

    Seems the fix is for the CFECLIPSE people to include their own, working FTP client.

  6. Right, you lose SOME of the functionality. I filed a bug with Aptana on this, and they claim it is a problem with cfeclipse not with Aptana. Something to do with events that trigger when a file opens in eclipse.

    I also started a thread in the cfeclipse group that went nowhere.

    My ultimate conclusion, though, is that cfeclipse without some features is still better than Dreamweaver for me.

  7. Under preferences -> General -> Editors -> Text editors

    This enables line numbers for the general purpose text editor.

    To enable line numbers in CFEclipse:

    Preferences -> CFEclipse -> Editor > Check the “Show line number” checkbox

    If they are already checked, uncheck them, apply, then re-check them. Worked fine for me.

  8. It is very refreshing to hear that there are others like me that struggle with Eclipse. I too, have installed and uninstalled twice now, and gone back to Dreamweaver. I am a web site developer that works via FTP and also mapped drives for testing development. But, I also work on some smaller internal Flash/CF AJAX type apps.

  9. I like Ryan’s comment “I too, have installed and uninstalled twice now” Today I have installed / uninstalled over 8 times trying to get rid of errors that randomly popup whenever I try to make any edit to the preferences.

    When I last tried to use Aptana for ftp – I went through that install uninstall garbage – at least as many times then too. Except I kept trying for days. I wish someone would just package it up and sell or offer the “eclipse with cfeclipse and aptana ready to go in one package”

    As for the line numbers everyone – see Mark’s blog post at http://trac.cfeclipse.org/cfeclipse/wiki/KnownIssues#Missinglinenumbers It’s REALLY simple fix

  10. Unfortuneately, this only works with Aptana’s File view in Eclipse. If for example you’re using other views (like Navigator for your SVN project) you can’t export using Aptana’s FTP. You’re still stuck with the Eclipse Remote System Explorer.

  11. Well i use FileZilla, set .php to use the eclips in the preferances.

    Now right click on a file hit view/edit TADA
    when u hit save go back to FileZilla pop up, File changed do you want to upload? hit yes.

  12. Why you dont go to the install new software in the toolbar eclipse, add the repository and select the ftp,sftp plugin! it ever stay ther to install it! 😀

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