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ColdFusion at Hamilton College

An interesting article about the types of things we are using ColdFusion for at Hamilton College:


 I don't really understand the title of the article, though.

3 Replies to “ColdFusion at Hamilton College”

  1. I don’t get it it says the stopped using CF and they use LAMP? So there not using Coldfusion at all it seams. Someone should tell them Coldfusion and Flexbuilder is free for edu use and that they and all there students can use it.

  2. No, it is actually the opposite. It’s just a bad title. They stopped using PHP completely, and are all ColdFusion with a content management system coming online this summer for student and academic groups.

    The title has nothing to do with the story. There are no plans to have LAMP there.

  3. Well the article is a little confusing but if they and there students are using Coldfusion then that’s a good thing! Thanks for sharing.

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