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ColdFusion 10 Instances and Web Server Connector

When running ColdFusion 9 in multiple instances, you used to be able to run the Web Server Connector tool from the Windows start menu and connect specific instances to sites.  This changed in ColdFusion 10.

The Web Server Connector tool in the Windows start menu for ColdFusion 10 will only allow you to connect websites to the CFUSION (main) instance.  If you want to connect a site to a different instance, you'll need to run the connector tool just for that instance.

For example, if you have an instance named “www”, you need to go to the following executable to connect an IIS site to the “www” instance.

<cf install root>\www\runtime\bin\wsconfig.exe

The www in bold is the instance name.

I'm sure this is somewhere in the install documentation, but I missed it and lost a bunch of time trying to figure out how to get sites to run off of different instances.

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  1. After loosing a few hours on this myself. It’s probably worth noting that on Coldfusion 10 (I have not checked other versions) that “Allow Line Debugging” must be turned off before creating your new instance. Having line debugging turned on when creating a new instances creates an instance that can’t be started in cf admin. Not sure of the reasoning behind this, maybe someone can elaborate on that.

  2. I am trying to do the is now, and I used the www as in the example. I am trying to create a new web server on port 80-, localhost. I have the builin web server. The is no more Web Server Connector tool. I don’t know why they took this out, now trying something simple, becomaes so hard.

    I created the instance, but the CF nature is not applied, any thoughts?

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