Web Trenches

I was contacted by someone who described the following performance issue with an IIS7 server that was upgraded from ColdFusion 9 to ColdFusion 10. — IIS 7 is responding excruciatingly slowly, and not just with Coldfusion pages, but any page.  As it stands now a simple hello world htm file is taking, often, up to a minute […]

  I did a live presentation in which I upgraded a production ColdFusion 9 server to ColdFusion 10.  Here are my notes if anyone is interested. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1CFdXhBUzafrFP8vKLE7sqRDT6TMFvX4-jRyPqOrT5G8/edit Technical details for the upgrade… Windows 2008 R2 web server running IIS 7.5ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with two instances (default “cfusion” and “www”) Upgraded to ColdFusion 10 Enterprise with two instances. […]

When running ColdFusion 9 in multiple instances, you used to be able to run the Web Server Connector tool from the Windows start menu and connect specific instances to sites.  This changed in ColdFusion 10. The Web Server Connector tool in the Windows start menu for ColdFusion 10 will only allow you to connect websites to the […]

The most recent hotfix for ColdFusion 9 can cause problems for people that have very large form submissions.  The fix imposes a form field limit of 100 fields on submit.  There is an override available for the default behavior, though.  I would recommend applying the patch to fix the security flaw, but then adjusting the default behavior […]

For some reason, the production instances of ColdFusion 9.01 on our two production Windows 2008R2 64-bit servers just would not work with OpenOffice CFDOCUMENT conversions.  Our test and staging servers were working fine with the EXACT same configuration and CAR file imports.   Any time I attempted to run a Word-to-PDF or Excel-to-PDF conversion with the CFDOCUMENT […]

By default, IIS7 limits file upload to 30MB.  Oddly, it returns a 404 error if someone uploads something larger than 30MB.   The docs from Microsoft are a little confusing on this, so I thought I would try to clarify. According to the following article, you can “Remove the maxAllowedContentLength property.” from the applicationhost.config file in IIS7 […]

1. My e-mail to GoDaddy asking a question about certification … — Customer Inquiry Name : Michael Sprague Phone : (xxx) xxx-xxxx Domain Name : mydomain.com Shopper ID : 1234567 ShopperValidated:Yes Other : Is the data warehouse SAS70 compliant? Permission to access server : no I host dedicated servers with you, and one of my clients wants […]

I gave a presentation today at the Central New York CFUG about upgrading to ColdFusion 8.  I'm afraid I may have scared some people away from updating, but that was not my intent!  I simply wanted to prepare them for things they MIGHT run into.  Most of the installs I have done have gone smoothly, and the […]

If you run load-balanced ColdFusion servers, it can often to difficult to determine which server a notification or error message originated from.  There's a nice little Java trick to get around this.  —#Createobject('java','java.net.InetAddress').getLocalHost().getHostName()#—  We add this line to error notifications on our site so that we always know which physical machine the message came from.   This […]