Web Trenches

One of my favorite new features of CF8 is the ability to create a JavaScript object from a CFC.  You can then use the object to make Ajax calls.  Here's a simple example that sends the results of checking an HTML check box into a CFC for processing…  The CFM file:<cfajaxproxy cfc=”mycfc” jsclassname=”jsobj” /><script language=”javascript”>        function […]

When using the CFGRID tag (type="html"), there is no built-in way to align the data in the columns.  The dataalign attribute of the CFGRIDCOLUMN tag is not available for the HTML grid type.  There is a simple CSS trick to align the columns. Each column in the grid has its own css class, and there is also […]

When reading blogs and attending conferences, I notice that a huge portion of ColdFusion developers have switched to using Eclipse (cfeclipse) as their primary IDE.  I can see the appeal of it being free, but what bothers me about this movement is that developers who have stuck with Dreamweaver or Homesite+ seem to be ridiculed.  "Why would […]