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Creating PDF thumbnails with Lucee has been broken since version 5, and possibly longer. https://dev.lucee.org/t/cfpdf-action-thumbnail-not-working-on-lucee-5/1389 https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/LDEV-967 Here is a function that should help you if you really need to get it working. UPDATE: Please see Brad Wood’s new solution in the Comments section, which works with new versions of Lucee. <cfscript> // Creates a jpg thumbnail from […]

First, you will need to extract and repackage the appropriate classes and DLL from a Java 1.7 install. This section is adapted from http://bigfatball.blogspot.it/2016/03/how-to-enable-jdbc-odbc-bridge-for-jdk-8.html. Download a JDK 7 or JRE 7 and install it. Goto JRE\lib folder and find the rt.jar Unzip it (if you have WinRAR installed) or you can rename it to rt.zip and unzip it. […]

A simple JVM update misunderstanding caused a real mess on one of our ColdFusion 11 (Windows) servers. After being prompted, I installed an update for the JVM (to 1_8_60) at the console of a Windows server.  We have some admin tools that require Java, so we update Java when needed.  Upon completion, the installer prompted me that […]