Web Trenches

Aptana released the 1.0 version of their Eclipse Plug-in (now called Aptana Studio for Eclipse).  I've been rejecting Eclipse (CFEclipse) as a viable IDE largely due to the show-stopping lack of ability to create a file on a remote FTP site.  This release overcomes that severe limitation.  You can now right-click on any folder in an FTP […]

Webucator recently made much of their ColdFusion training library openly available to developers at http://www.coldfusionmanualonline.com/ If you've never heard of Webucator, they are worth a look.   They offer training, both online and in-person, for a wide variety of Web technologies.  I took a DHTML session with them, and it was excellent.  PS – Thank you to […]

Since I started doing JavaScript and Ajax development I have always been frustrated with the lack of a good debugging tool for Internet Explorer.  Firefox has Firebug, which is outstanding. I think I may have finally found a solution – http://www.debugbar.com/ This can be a big help for those Ajax calls and JavaScript functions that work in […]

I've been following the recent conversation about the tip posted by a blogger on how to "trick" the search stats on coldfusionbloggers.org.  Many people are upset about the fact that this was posted, but I think we should look at this another way. I have personally spoken with the blogger who made the original post, and it […]

When Adobe released CF8, they touted the increased performance.  I've been using CF since 4.0, and I think this has been a claim for every release.  I assumed it was just a marketing ploy, as I haven't noticed a huge difference in past upgrades.  However, I am AMAZED at how much faster CF8 is than CF7.  We […]

When reading blogs and attending conferences, I notice that a huge portion of ColdFusion developers have switched to using Eclipse (cfeclipse) as their primary IDE.  I can see the appeal of it being free, but what bothers me about this movement is that developers who have stuck with Dreamweaver or Homesite+ seem to be ridiculed.  "Why would […]