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By default, IIS7 limits file upload to 30MB.  Oddly, it returns a 404 error if someone uploads something larger than 30MB.   The docs from Microsoft are a little confusing on this, so I thought I would try to clarify. According to the following article, you can “Remove the maxAllowedContentLength property.” from the applicationhost.config file in IIS7 […]

1. My e-mail to GoDaddy asking a question about certification … — Customer Inquiry Name : Michael Sprague Phone : (xxx) xxx-xxxx Domain Name : mydomain.com Shopper ID : 1234567 ShopperValidated:Yes Other : Is the data warehouse SAS70 compliant? Permission to access server : no I host dedicated servers with you, and one of my clients wants […]

I recently completed the beta version of CFjqAjax.  This is a library of custom tags that replicate the CFGRID, CFWINDOW, and CFTOOLTIP tags from ColdFusion 8.  The CF8 tags work, but I find YUI and Ext much harder to work with than jQuery, and the file size of the JavaScript libraries that CF8 includes is excessive.  So, […]

One of my colleagues recently mentioned to me that he was frustrated with CFGRID because after a grid row is selected, you can't trigger an action when it is clicked again.  Here's the solution I found.  First the grid code… <cfajaxproxy bind="javascript:todetail({shipments.id})" /><cfgrid query="sdQry" name="shipments" format="html" autowidth="false" selectonload="false" style="clear:both;"> <cfgridcolumn name="id" display="no" /><cfgridcolumn name="INVOSHIPDATEDISPLAY" header="Pickup Date" width="75" […]

The more I use the CF8 Ajax features, the more I like them.  CFTOOLTIP is a fairly simple tag, but you can do some fairly powerful things with it.   TIP #1 – Styling You can style a cftooltip to look like a pop-up window or Netflix-style pop-up.  Here's a small clip to put in your page […]

I've been neglecting my blog because I have been working on several large eCommerce projects over the last two months, but I found an issue that I think is worth asking the CF community about. With the new features in CF8, I find myself wanting to use cfform and cfinput more for binding and Ajax features, but […]

I gave a presentation titled "Introductionto Ajax Features in ColdFusion 8" at the Syracuse ColdFusion User Group meeting this week.   In the presentation, I covered the following. The basic layout elements that are used with Ajax Automatic Ajax – Things that ColdFusion 8 handles for you – without needing to program any JavaScript. Almost-Automatic Ajax – Things […]

Do you want to build an integrated ColdFusion interface to Gmail?  Using newbish's IMAP CFC client, it can be done.  It just needs a couple modifications to work with Gmail's SLL IMAP.   Here's how… 1. Enable IMAP in your Gmail account 2. Download the IMAP CFC from SourceForge.3. Make the following modifications to the imap.cfc On […]

I gave a presentation today at the Central New York CFUG about upgrading to ColdFusion 8.  I'm afraid I may have scared some people away from updating, but that was not my intent!  I simply wanted to prepare them for things they MIGHT run into.  Most of the installs I have done have gone smoothly, and the […]

Several people who are using Gmail's fairly new IMAP feature have reported problems opening attachments through Thunderbird.  Word and PDF documents, and possibly others, generate an error saying that they are "unable to open".  Apparently this has something to do with Gmail reporting an incorrect size for the attachment.   The same attachments open fine when using […]