ColdFusion/CFML and Access-Control-Allow-Origin

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Adding the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header in ColdFusion and Lucee is fairly easy, but what about when you want to add multiple domains for Access-Control-Allow-Origin?  It can be done with the function described here.


File upload restrictions in Lucee

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In addition to the IIS setting for file upload size, Lucee is impacted by the .NET framework's upload size restrictions.


Lucee Administrator Insecure by Default

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Just a tip for those installing Lucee with the IIS connector... it is NOT secure by default.  When you add a new IIS website, it will automatically create a folder for the Web context for that website.  The administrator screens in that context are NOT password protected.  I have not confirmed if this is true on other Web server platforms (Apache, etc).


Getting CFSPREADSHEET working on Lucee In the server context

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By default, the cfspreadsheet-lucee extension does not allow you to install it at the server context level.  It only installs at the web context level.  Here are some instructions to modify it and get it running on the server level, making it available to all contexts on your server.


A Java JVM Update Adventure - ColdFusion Won't Start!

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A simple JVM update misunderstanding caused a real mess on one of our ColdFusion 11 (Windows) servers. 

For those who might run into this, below are the steps.  These could also be used as instructions for updating the Java JVM that ColdFusion 11 runs on - if you didn't install it to the <drive>:\ColdFusion11\jvm folder.


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